For those who like to complain that Gawker Media and its editors are purely motivated by pageviews, get this: we apparently missed a big one with the "Montauk monster". The tip about the supposed carcass found on the sand off of Long Island's eastern point was first sent to us earlier this week, and I passed on the tip to the editors at our big brother site, Gawker, thinking that the "story" was much more suited to them. Half a million pageviews later, I'm sort of rethinking that decision! (Well, not really; Gawker did great). Anyway, earlier this morning, Jezebel favorite and Boston Red Sox fan Jeff Corwin appeared on Fox News to theorize about just what the beach-er creature could be, so it seemed as good a time as any to weigh in... (and by "weigh in" we mean "have an excuse to put Jeff Corwin's mug up on our site"). Clip above.Dead Monster Washes Ashore In Montauk [Gawker] Montauk Monster Madness Spreads [Gawker]