Last night's episode of Project Runway had another rehash of an old conceit: The contestants were let loose in New York with digital cameras and asked to design an outfit inspired by the city. Oh, it was slightly different from the other time they did this because this was the city at night. Keith The Gay Mormon liked a scrap of magazine on the ground, Kenley photographed a tile mural, Terri shot some stickerfitti. In the workroom, there was a terrible moment in which Blayne taught Tim Gunn to say "Holla atcha boy," which was dumb, offensive, irritating, unfunny and distracting, so let's pretend it never happened, mmkay? The best part was the runway show, because special guest Sandra Bernhard was revealed! In the clip above, you'll see Nina Garcia deem Keith The Gay Mormon's dress "sloppy" and Sandra proclaim that Terri's garment is that of a woman "who's walking down a dark street, and if somebody is on her tail, she'll turn and say, 'I have a knife and I will cut you up.'" Pictures of all of the ensembles from the runway, after the jump.

Korto's jumpsuit was okay, not very innovative, though.

I thought Kelli's was leaning toward ugly. But not cool ugly like jolielaid, just regular ugly.

Stella does what Stella does. Remember when she said, "What a gay little grommet"?

Keith The Gay Mormon had a cool concept, but the execution was meh.

Suede thinks Suede is awesome.

Joe's dress was an extremely literal translation of a hanging globe light fixture, but it worked.

Jerell's dress is the color of a deep-cleaning face masque.

Didn't you think Jennifer was going to get auf'd? Her "clock dress" was a disaster.

Daniel's Zac Posen-esque dress.

Blayne's technicolor yawn.

Sandra Bernhard loved Terri's ensemble. It was ballsy to show a dress with pants in such a dress-centric competition.

I was shocked. SHOCKED. That Leanne did not win this challenge. This skirt is PR gold.

Kenley was the winner of this challenge. Couldn't you see someone on Gossip Girl wearing this confection?

Behold Emily's swan song. Someone wore a version of this dress to the junior prom in 1986 but with pink Converse high-tops with white ribbons for laces, I'm fairly sure about that. Michael Kors exclaimed, "The placement of the ruffles was so insane." Nina Garcia said: "No comment." Ooh, burn! Michael was amazed at Nina's silence, saying,"The worst review is no review." Project Runway Season 5 [Bravo]