We thought there was supposed to be some backlash against the whole metrosexual thing, but whatever: British chain Superdrug has just launched a men's cosmetics range called "Taxi Man" , which features "guy-liner" (larger and chunkier for poorly-coordinated male hands) and "manscara." A concealer is in the works. Says the brand's creator, "We've developed essentials any guy would borrow from his other half. It's about subtle make-up rather than wanting to create the drag queen look." "Borrowing?" "Any guy?" Who was their focus group? Why the hell is is called "Taxi Man" which is, by the way, the gayest name ever for a purportedly 'macho' line? Have we not learned that when men wear makeup, people get sent to the guillotine? More to the point: is that where our BeneTint went? [News.com.au]