Recessionistas, take note: we have a preview of the Go! International for Target Fall line and guess what? It's cute. Like, structured and just retro enough and totally wearable and on-trend without looking silly. Which, of course, means it'll sell out in your size instantly, but a girl can dream. So, did you guys ever used to read I loved how they described all the clothes as, "wear this on a hot date to (some specific restaurant in New York) with (some speciifc earring) and (some specific shoe.)" I always thought it looked fun to be that didactic, so I've taken the liberty of instructing you on exactly how the following select items from the GO! International line should (and must) be worn, after the jump. (No arguments, please.) Note: Some of you are having problems seeing the images. Try another browser; we're talking with tech about getting everything fixed.

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