14-year-old Sarika Watkins-Singh, of Wales, has won a ruling that will allow her to wear the kara - a slim steel bracelet which a judge has ruled central to her Sikh faith - to school. Twice suspended for breaking her school's "no jewellery" rule, Sarika, of mixed Welsh and Punjabi origin, had ultimately withdrawn. Today, the judge declared that the school was guilty of indirect discrimination under race relations and equality laws. The ruling, while significant, will likely not have larger implications. "To most people the kara looks like a piece of jewellery but (the judge) judged it be one of the five symbols of Sikhism. It would be hard for other people to try and fit into that." said one lawyer. (And by the way, you don't want to know how long it took to find a pic of a bangle that didn't look like a Nuva Ring.) [The Guardian]