So, imagine your perfect teen movie premiere. Who would be there? The entire cast of Gossip Girl? Ali Lohan? Well, your wish was just granted, because all these photogenic youngsters converged last night at New York's Ziegfeld Theatre for the premiere of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 which, yes, I will be seeing, full-price, at the earliest possible opportunity. And as you'd expect, clothes-wise, these kids brought it, even though there were almost none of the eponymous pants on view! Good, bad and ugly, after the jump.
The Good:

It's so weird to think how much higher profile America Fererra is now than when they did the first movie. I wonder if that affected the on-set dynamic. Anyway, she looks aces.

Because, I mean, Blake Lively was a total unknown when SOTTP came out; now she's a teen fashion icon!

Leighton Meester seems to know her way around a closet; even though her Lucky spread was kinda dullsville, she obviously knows what works for her. Exhibit A: this LBD.
The Bad:

Jenna Boyd - she played the really annoying, saintly little kid who dies of cancer in the first movie - is young, but that's really no excuse for this circa-'87 horror show.

Ali Lohan is the least girlish-looking girl ever. She's obviously a beautiful child, but her clothes and hair make her look preternaturally harsh.

I generally like to grant a non-red-carpet-pro dispensation to non-celebs, but writer Ann Brashares is not new to this game and besides, there are, like, ten Pants books out now so I'm sure she can get a stylist if she wants. Her outfit is not wretched, but it's a far cry from good; ix-nay on the ooch-bray.

I like Amber Tamblyn and I love her father (because Gideon is my favorite brother in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers) and I like jumpsuits. But I don't think the high neck on this one does anything for her, even as I appreciate someone making the effort t wear pants to a pants-centric premiere.
The Ugly:

Maybe Tamara Feldman's Mexican-inflected thing could be quirky-cute... had she not chosen to sport black boots with it.

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