The "other day," Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Diane Mapes' sister saw two people arrested for having sex in an office building bathroom during business hours. A little research and it turns out that 22 percent of people in a survey of 80,000 people admit to fucking in public. I feel so prudish now.

See, I never even made out in public in high school (parents, if you want to keep your kids from parking, my dad highly recommends letting them drive nothing but a tiny 2-door stick shift car; worked wonders for him). Of course, I made out in my basement, or my boyfriend's bedroom, or his attic, his bathroom, on a friend's couch, my bedroom... but never in a car. I was always terrified of getting caught and at least by doing it in our houses we were limiting who might catch us.

Then I went to college on an urban campus ‚ÄĒ no cars, no private spots. My sophomore year, I visited a boyfriend at his college and we made out in his car just so I could say I'd made out in a car, but it was February in upstate New York and we were in a well-lit parking lot, so no clothes were coming off. The closest I came to doing it in a car was in Germany when I studied abroad ‚ÄĒ with no where else to go, we parked in a remote spot on campus but, without a condom, we alternated oral (on me) and manual (on him) and neither of us got naked. Twice since I've gone manual with guys in cars ‚ÄĒ in parking garages, after hours, God bless a man with good fingers ‚ÄĒ but I've never done anything in a bathroom, an office building, on a beach, in a park, basically, nowhere fun or naughty or exciting. I don't consider myself a particularly prudish person, but I feel like the fear of getting caught wouldn't heighten the thrill of having sex, it would just be something I wouldn't be able to get off my mind long enough to orgasm well.

Obviously, exhibitionists are a different story, so I understand the thrill there is not the possibility of getting caught as much as actually getting caught. But, I'm hard-pressed to believe that 22 percent of people in that big a survey are straight-out exhibitionists dying to perform before an audience. So, what am I missing... or, at 30, have I already missed it?

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