Welcome to The Dark Knight premiere. Sort of. As one would hope, there was a good turnout at the Loews Lincoln Square in Manhattan: Christian Bale and Maggie Gyllenhaal, of course, plus Blake Lively, Ed Westwick, Mariska Hargitay, Edie Falco and, for some reason, Lauren Conrad. I don't know whether everyone kind of tacitly agreed to wear subdued colors, or whether the movie's dark theme just suggested it, but there was nary a color to be found in this crowd, even though it was a hot night in the middle of July In any case, journey with me to Gotham, after the jump.

When Maggie G. goes glam, she rarely puts a foot wrong.

Bold, yes. But if anyone can pull off a silk tap suit, it's a confident 20-year-old like Blake Lively.

I hate it when people are just ID'd as someone's date - in this case Gary Oldman's — especially when they've taken the time to dress so nicely.

It must be hard for secret Englishman and Gossip Girl cad Ed Westwick to have such a naturally evil look to him all the time, even when he's trying to attend a film premiere on a Monday night in a nice khaki suit.

The Bad

I was afraid the fact that this was Lauren Conrad was hurting my objectivity, so I called my boyfriend (who doesn't know about stuff) over and innocently asked him what he thought of this dress. He reflected, and finally said that the skirt was okay, but "the top part sucks." This was my initial reaction, too.

I feel like we've seen Edie Falco look awkward on the red carpet before. And she's such a good actress! But there's something exceedingly awkward about this ensemble; she looks super harsh.

I don't really know why Karina Smirnoff has become a red carpet fixture. A lifetime of ballroom dance costumes seems to have had a serious impact on her aesthetic.

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"/class="center" Silk charmeuse is notoriously unforgiving. And not really the most flattering choice on a terrifically athletic figure like Mariska Hargitay's. While the colors are great, the cut of this could have used some judicious tweaking.

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