This month's Lucky has some awesome ideas for new parts of your body to camouflage — and one useful illustration of a popular nursery rhyme. Click on the cover image to learn about the problem areas you're probably ignoring.

Here Lucky mixes an oddly blunt headline with its traditional euphemistic style. Which is it, Lucky — nasty all-caps BIG LEGS or nice polite "issues around the hips and thighs"? Either way, the answer is apparently a dirndl.

But other parts of your body can also be BIG! You've heard what to do if you're pear-shaped, top-heavy, or curvy — what if, like Erin Hinkle, you're tall and thin, but think your "shoulders are disproportionately wide"? According to Lucky you should "draw attention toward the center of your body" and away from those unsightly growths that hold your arms on.

If you're now reeling from all your newly discovered figure flaws, the Shoes of the Month are here to put things in perspective. These lovely yellow ballet flats are "the kind of shoe you live in" — a helpful nod to those Lucky readers who are old, and who have so many children they don't know what to do.