Grunge is back, you guys. For real. And in the pages of the August issue of Marie Claire, the editors try to make it seem cool by setting a plaid-centric photo shoot in some kind of factory. Perplexed as to how $395 overalls and a $2,000 Chanel skirt are working-class? Put on some Pearl Jam and check out the manual labor-chic, after the jump.


This is like that scene from Zoolander where he goes home to his dad and brothers at the mine with snakeskin luggage and a garment bag. Except these two are trying (desperately) to fit in. But the one on the left is wearing a $1700 coat while the one on the right is wearing $375 jeans. Oh, sure, you're ready for hard labor.

She may be all oiled up and "working it" but are those boots appropriate for the factory floor? Asking because of the heel, not because they're $380.


"So I says to him, I says, Phil, you can't make an omelet without breakin' any eggs, yaknowwhatImean?"


Working hard or hardly working?

"With the lights out, it's less dangerous."

"Here we are now, entertain us."

"I feel stupid. And contagious."


This is not going to end well. There's going to be a screwdriver in her eye and whatever is in those pipes is sure to leak onto those Dolce & Gabbana boots. Oh, by the by, this entire ensemble is $1793. In this country, a factory job pays about $30,000. You probably bring home only $21,900 of that, meaning you make $1825 a month. So you'd have $32 left over — or $1.06 a day — to eat with that month if you purchased the clothes pictured.


Didn't Rosie the Riveter have a wee bit more muscle in her arms?

"Haha, isn't it fun to pretend to be blue collar?" "OMG totes, I'm gonna eat Hamburger Helper tonight. Kidding! I've got a reservation at Masa."


Jeremy spoke in class today.

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