Obviously Holly Hunter's having a blast at this weekend's TCA Tour Party! And why not? The Television Critics Association "provides credentialed television writers and trade reporters with a preview of upcoming high-quality, original cable programming and an opportunity to speak with talent and network executives." Sounds like a blast to me! Anyway, she, Kyra Sedgwick, Melissa Sagemiller and some teen in a vest all congregated at the Beverly Hilton to less-than-spectacular sartorial effect. Journey with me, if you will, after the jump.

The Good:

Unfortunate expression notwithstanding, closer Kyra Sedgwick is looking good.

Jennifer Lawrence is on The Bill Engvall Show. "The Bill Engvall show is set in a Denver suburb and follows the life of ‘Bill Pearson,'a family counselor whose own family could use a little dose of counseling."

I don't know, gang. This is kinda harshing my mellow, but it somehow suits Holly Hunter. The Meh:

Conceptually, there are things about Melissa Sagemiller's dress that I like. But pink and black is dicey: as Genevieve Antoine-Darriaux, author of the immortal Elegance, says, pink is one of those colors that "cheapens" black. And despite all its good, retro-inspired intentions, this number puts me forcibly in mind of something off of Daddyos.com, this website that makes rockabilly apparel.

Again, don't get me wrong: I don't exactly hate actress Sarah Clarke's dress. But I do think it looks kinda surf-shop-like. The print puts me forcibly in mind of, yes, Roxy by Quicksilver.

Gina Bellman's mini is another I just wasn't feeling - although I'm willing to concede that it could work better in person. I do think the camera brings out the dress's horizontal tendencies in an unfortunate way.

17-year-old Graham Patrick Martin is also a Bill Engvall Show kid. He just looks so disconcertingly well-groomed and Hollywood and young-actor-ish!

Gloria Reuben's halter is almost lovely - I just wish the bodice were slightly more assertive. The Bad:

Beth Reisgraf's unfortunate separates? Dress? are the evening's low point.