So goes the headline of a Forbes story I didn't read because I know the answer already, which is to say most business ideas men think up are stupid, and only men want to invest in them, which is how the motto of the venture capital world became "if just one of the 10 companies I invested in makes it to an IPO, I still get rich!" which like, doesn't really appeal to a woman's sense of purpose and also is sort of the whole problem with American capitalism. If you don't believe me, read this, or, for a more visual explanation, click the pic for some venture capital joke T-shirts that convey the same point. [Valleywag]

Okay, ha ha ha, right? But like, who'd wear these shirts? My first inclination is to say your mom, if you were an investor in VC Wear! Unless venture capitalists are really this cheesy? In which case, is that a boy's club in which you'd want to be a member no matter how great the pay/desperate the dudes were? Also, this one:

Okay, even as I knew that Sand Hill Road was like the Wall Street of Silicon Valley, I still did not quite get the non-blowjob entendre of this joke until Owen of Valleywag explained it to me.

And, VC dudes of the world: Coed naked lacrosse and "I may be drunk but you're ugly" shirts are probs better bets.