Yesterday's trip down the backed-up memory superhighway of cringetacularly sexist pop culture reminded me of what I personally, at age eight, found to be the deepest outrage of the genre, Mungo Jerry's 1970 megahit "In The Summertime." It also happens to be a kind of awesome song, which is, I guess, why it sold 23 million records and was still in regular rotation on the oldies stations I listened to obsessively as a kid.

For the record, I immediately confronted my mom upon hearing this song. Somewhat amused, she agreed it was unbearably sexist, adding that whoever would write such a song is clearly a "horse's neck reversed" who would be unworthy of my attention no matter what the season. And then, rather carefully, she explained to me the concept of "tongue-in-cheek." She wasn't sure if the band was being tongue-in-cheek, but that if I wanted to like the song in spite of its unenlightened views, I could do it in a manner that was "tongue-in-cheek."