On last night's Baby Borrowers, the teens traded in their babies for toilet-training toddlers, which proved to be an even bigger challenge. Morgan, the chillaxed SoCal girl, didn't seem to be too stressed about it, even though she made some pretty big errors in childrearing. When her toddler pooped himself, she first let him roll around on her neighbors' couch with just the diaper on until they complained. Then she dragged the kid by the arm across the floor. When she changed his diaper, she didn't even wipe the crap off him, she just put a fresh diaper on. Poor baby probably got a wicked rash from that. The interesting thing about last night's episode is that most of the teen parents were fighting over who would get to work and who would have to stay home with the children that week. Almost all of them wanted to work outside the home, proving just how hard, valid, and important stay-at-home parenting really is. Clip above.