What's the protocol at a film premiere these days? Are you actually required to watch the whole movie? And then hang around afterwards and compliment people on it? If so, it explains the rather thin turnout for Eddie Murphy's latest phone-in, Meet Dave (the one where there's a tiny Eddie Murphy in his head.) Indeed, almost everyone at L.A.'s Mann Village Theatre last night seemed to actually have been in the movie. Gabrielle Union looked amazing, of course, but Elizabeth Banks and some others were a mixed bag, and some guys sported some really ugly goatees. All of it, of course, after the jump.

The Good:

I make no apologies for my slavish devotion to Gabrielle Union.

Elizabeth Banks' lovely coral jewelry and classic clutch are exempt from the "Bad" of her gown.

I'm a sucker for a LBD. Actress Jane Bradbury's is not my favorite iteration, but points for, paradoxically, having the guts to wear something unadorned.

The Bad:

I first became aware of Kat Kramer at the TVLand Awards and have since come to recognize her as something of a red-carpet fixture. And no, I am not particularly proud to reveal that I've visited the purported songwriter and actress's MySpace page.

Elizabeth Banks: pretty lady, unfortunate frock.

Once several years ago during the August sales I tried on a stretchy satin blouse with a Johnny collar, I believe at Zara. The moment I saw myself in the mirror I recognized the full ramifications of what I had done. For her sake, I hope Claudia Jordan soon has a similar moment of clarity.

A friend of mine who recently moved to L.A. tells me she's having trouble meeting a guy there. Can't imagine why!

The Ugly:

There is something horrifyingly awesome about the Stevie-Nicks-meets-Elvira audacity of actress Jo Champa's gown.

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