Hello Kitty's success could be explained because consumers viewed her as a "blank canvas" of possibility and could mean different things to different people. One thing: she is always adorbs!• In less than a decade, STDs among Americans 45-years-old and older has doubled. Maybe 'tis time to practice what you preach about safe sex, parents? • There are no "dangerous dogs," only irresponsible and dangerous dog-owners. • China prepares 600 cheerleaders, who mix "elements from traditional Peking opera into more typical hip-hop routines" for the Olympics. So kinda like Carmen: A Hip-Hopera in Beijing? • Debrett's Etiquette Guide For Girls will be republished in a new edition this fall, with updated rules such as no grunting or screaming at the gym.

• Yet another tale of a creepy pageant mom who spends $600 a month on beauty treatments on her 11-year-old daughter. • A new study shows that women who are already "subfertile" worsen their chances of infertility by drinking coffee. • More weird studies! Adults who were born at a low birth-weight tend to leave the nest later in life. • A father in Georgia killed his 25-year-old daughter after she said she wanted to divorce the husband with whom she had an arranged marriage. • A neighboring town to Gloucester, MA mocked the towns now infamous "pregnancy pact" teens in a July Fourth Horribles parade. • Ew! A woman spent half of her day with a baby bat hiding in her bra before she noticed it. • The family of the woman who died on the floor of the Kings County Hospital psychiatric ER plans to sue the city and call for criminal charges. • Could a gene variant make women more prone to alcoholism through endorphin release? Well, it happened in some lab mice. • Two tween-aged girls are missing from a foster home in California, as is their parent's Lexus. • Violence between romantic partners is common among college students with men most likely to perpetrate sexual violence and women more likely to perpetrate physical violence. • Doctors are planning to introduce a cheaper (and less effective) form of in vitro in Africa, where infertility and a stigma attached to it can be stronger than in the West. • Cute video of the day! My favorite Japanese doggy troublemaker gets more than he bargained for when he tries to play with a pack of 5000 dachshund pups!