Did you catch yesterday's "Label Whores", the experiment in which we pretended to pass off cheap clothes to consignment stores as high fashion designs? Well, to atone for those sartorial sins, we're going to pass off those cheap clothes to you... for free. That's right, we've created a sort of Jezebel giveaway for our readers, so if you're looking for some snappy — and may I say, work appropriate-ish — H&M duds let us know. But obviously, you are going to have to work for them:

Okay, so here are the giveaway rules: Name the author of the quote below (hint: she was a former editor-in-chief of a famous ladymag) in the comments, specifying your answer and the item of clothing you have your eye on. Tomorrow morning (9 a.m. EST) I will check back through the comments and randomly pick 4 people that answered with the correct answer and then contact the winning commenters. Winning commenters will have to specify their shipping information and the item must be shipped within the United States (we are footing the shipping costs) by yours truly, with a wink, a smile, and a handwritten note (I know, exciting!) from a wonderful Brooklyn mailing outpost.

Here are the items that will be given away:

Pink 100% silk knee-length dress with a v-neckline and pockets. Size (from H&M): 36/6 (which is equivalent to a small/medium). Original price: $69.90. Please specify "pink dress" in your answer if you want this item.

Black-and-white high-waisted, knee-length skirt with pleats. Size (from H&M): 34/4 (which is equivalent to a small or a 25/26 inch waist). This item sits at your natural waist. Original price: $49.90. Please specify "black-and-white skirt" in your answer if you want this item.

Tan knit top made from polyester and silk with a low back. This item has a small, non-visible hole on it from when I took off the tag. Size (from H&M): 36/6. Original price: $34.90. Please specify "tank top" in your answer if you want this item.

White sleeve-less tank top with two buttons, ruffle detail, and a tie around the waist. Very soft and made from polyester fabric. Size (from H&M): 34/4. Original price: $29.90. Please specify "white top" in your answer if you want this item.

None of the items have ever been worn outside of a H&M dressing room in SoHo.

And now (deep breath), the quote, who said this?:

As a single, self-supporting woman you have one great financial advantage. People will let you live within your means. When you make cute little economies like riding a bicycle to work, everyone stands at the curb and cheers. Just try serving hot dogs and Kool-Aid at your barbecue if you're wealthy!

Being smart about money is sexy. It is part of the attractive American career-girl image—being able to reconcile a checkbook, having something to reconcile, being able to pay your own way (only don't you dare!).

A note to commenters: Please keep negative sartorial judgments about other commenters to yourself. If you don't like an item — and I don't care if you are Anna Wintour—there is no need to judge or mock, even playfully, others who may like the item. These clothes are free and this contest is supposed to be fun, so let's keep it positive! Besides, if you don't like the item you can always sew a label on it and sell it for serious ca-ching (but don't do that, seriously).

UPDATE: The contest is over! The answer was former EIC of Cosmo Helen Gurley-Brown and the quote was taken from her book Sex And The Single Girl written in 1962. Congrats to CourtneeLC, Margette, AshleySlutz, and Sylvie Calls Shotgun!! who won the four items. Please check your commenter profile ladies! There is important info about claiming your prize.

See you guys next month!

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