The Washington Post interviewed Sam Mettler, creator of the show Intervention, and asked a great question that never even occurred to us: Does he ever get a contact high while filming the addicts when they're using? "I was doing this story: Caylee. She was 21. I was sitting on floor interviewing her in her very tiny girls' pink bedroom full of teddy bears in Salt Lake City. The room was filled with heroin smoke. I was not realizing that what she was missing with her straw was being drawn right into my lungs. I stood up and immediately I fell down onto her bed. I could not stop shaking and drooling. I felt horribly sick. It lasted maybe 45 minutes. She laughed at me. But was apologetic." Mettler also said the show is planning on a comprehensive reunion episode, to catch up with how the subjects are dealing with recovery. We really hope it features Cristy and that she's gotten herself together. [Washington Post]