Many, many sad things can be said about the costs of the Iraq War to both the people of Iraq and those of us in America. One of those things was said by Andrea Bruce at the Washington Post today in her article about the group home for the deserted grandmothers of Baghdad: "Before the war, when the home was opened, there were only four women living here. Now there are 47." In another time, these women would've been cared for by their families; these days, blind widow Doris Yunan lived on the bench of a church for a year before she found the group home where she now lives and is cared for by volunteers. Her stepsons abandoned her to escape the war. As the occupying force there, the Ghandi quote "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members," is probably apt here, but mostly I think I'm going to skip the politically snarky ending and call my grandmother. [Washington Post]