Good morning, friends! Did you have a festive Fourth? Noel Gallagher certainly did. At least, I think that's his happy sneer. He was at the Silver Clef Awards 2008 in London, which benefits music therapy, along with Lily Allen, Russell Brand and various musical illuminati, none of whom was dressed terribly well. Picks and pans, after the jump.

The Good:

Singer Carol Decker looks adorable and sassy n her asymmetrical number.

We go on the assumption that Lily Allen exists in a fun, boozy Rainbow Brite world. By those colorful standards, I think she looks kinda cute!

I was on the fence with Scottish singer Amy MacDonald's dickie-like bodice, but I think she pulls it off. You?

The Bad:

See, even if couples who dress alike are dressed amazingly, the whole creepy team aesthetic makes it automatically bad. When the look is already kind of pseudo goth-punk, like awesome Russell Brand and his date, it just makes matters that much worse.

Sara MacDonald (Noel Gallagher's main squeeze) is obviously a lovely lady. But these sleeves are worthy of the flying nun. (Yes, I know it was her habit/veil thing that flew.)

I consulted several images to confirm that this was in fact a starburst on this lady's top, and not a bit of glare in the photo. Was unable to confirm whether she, like me, purchased hers at Urban Outfitters three years ago and regrets it.

The Ugly:

I realize that the recent minidress/tunic confluence has led to a certain amount of confusion, and it looks like TV journalist Kirsty Young was caught up in this maelstrom.

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