"Who would ever dream that '20-plus years of experience' would be a liability? These are strange times." That's Lisa Johnson Mandell, a journalist who lives in LA and should know better than to say something like that, but anyway she stopped getting work around her late forties, and she didn't know why, until her husband broke it to her that it was because she was old. So she strategically took the first ten years off her CV, stopped giving anyone her graduation year and had some "youthful" pictures taken. And now she has a job running a pop culture website so she told the Wall Street Journal all about it. (She's 49.) I could express sincere and unqualified horror at this trend, but as a proponent of not lying about one's age, I have to confess: the thought of looking for jobs at pop culture websites in twenty years makes me happier about the fact that pop culture websites will probably figure out a way to kill me first.

Botox For The Résumé: One Woman's Makeover [WSJ]