Okay girls, Cynthia learned the hard way so you don't have to slog through The Fountainhead why "absolutely completely obsessed with Ayn Rand" is not a modifier you want anywhere even in the general vicinity of a dude. (Would I go so far as to say the enemy of womanity is Ayn Rand? In another post one some day I can write a few thousand words!) The point is, Chris seemed very promising otherwise. Cynthia and he had known each other for several years, but when the time came that they both became single, he did the unthinkable and asked her on an honest-to-god date. For two months the courtship consisted of three or four weekly "lovely dates," with the only red flag the occasional email from his ex describing their sex life and claiming he'd dumped her to go out with Cynthia. Foreshadowing! Then one night they made plans to see a live taping of "A Prairie Home Companion" and get dinner, and he didn't show. Nor did he answer his phone. Turns out it wasn't an accident!

——— Forwarded message ———

From: Christoper Davis <—@gmail.com>

Date: Oct 21, 2006

Subject: Re: Congratulations!

To: Cynthia O'Brien <-@gmail.com>

I'm sorry I won't be at the theatre to meet you. There are too many hands

on my time. I am, right now, involved in something more important.

Even though the exact reason is temporary, its root cause is permanent; I

am, by choice of habit, incapable of any kind of novel social liaison for

the duration.

If by some miracle you do not find this insult of mine,

of standing you up on an important day, unforgivable, please respect

anyway that I do not wish to see you again, and leave me alone. I do not

imagine that you will find this difficult.