Miley Cyrus is on the cover of Billboard Magazine talking about the Vanity Fair hubbub. Best quote: "I stress about that stuff like everyone else, but at the end of day, I'm a good ol' Southern girl that likes her Cracker Barrel at 9 o'clock at night and if I want it, gosh darn, I'm going to eat it." • More details on the Madonna and Guy Ritchie split: According to the Daily Mirror, "They were both very calm. Madonna told Guy: ‘I'm sorry, I want a divorce'. And he agreed. It was quite painless but very sad." • Bill Murray's divorce was finalized yesterday. His now ex-wife, Jennifer Butler Murray, was granted full custody of the couple's 4 children and will likely get the $7 million outlined in the prenuptial agreement. This settlement comes on the heels of some ugly early court proceedings where Jennifer called Bill an abusive, ganja addicted drunk. [Perez, Just Jared, Celebitchy]