Sometimes I wonder about the life of aspiring starlets. Do they just never stay in, ever? Is it considered better to go to some crappy Verizon event on a Thursday than spend an evening by the TV? Or do their agents call and say, "Verizon Palm Centro Launch Party at Elevate Lounge. Jason Biggs might be there! Put on something ugly!" Is any exposure better than none? And, for that matter, does GBU count as exposure? Whoa. Ponder these philosophical questions and look at some fugly clothes, after the jump.

The Okay:

Jenny Mollen's Steven-Alan-esque plaid is actually adorable - who amongst us wouldn't wear this? Enjoy it: it's all downhill from here.

Loving the color of Katie Cleary's frock.

And by "okay" I actually mean: "the exact outfit I wore on the first day of 8th Grade, 1994." I think Marissa Jaret Winokur may have actually stolen my vest.

The Bad/Ugly/Back to Bad:

Many seconds of research failed to establish a real overview of Katerina Graham's professional profile. I only know that she is voting for Change, is wearing a really ugly mini.

Jasmine Dustin, on the other hand, "appeared in American Pie Presents Band Camp, Lingerie Bowl, Punk'd, and on the Deal or No Deal season one website, as a substitute model. She was never actually seen on the show. Dustin graduated from Pinkerton Academy. She is of French, Scottish, and Native American ancestry."

Hip-hop artist Teairra Mari could use a nice camisole.

I've been following Brittny Gastineau's progress since Filthy Rich Cattle Drive. Good to see the kid's fighting the good fight, clothes-wise.

Ashley Roberts is a Pussycat Doll. Just putting it out there.

It's either the overly-matchy zebra-stripe shoe or the hose, but fellow Doll Kimberly Wyatt: something is mos def rotten in Denmark.

This well-coordinated little lady is one Brooke Long.

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