There's an article in Psychology Today about the after-effects of different kinds of birth on the ol' vagina. And guys, it is bleak. (Think the Psych Today editors were inspired by that Elle article last month on sex after giving birth?) Three months after a C-section, 55% of women reported sexual dissatisfaction. That's nothing compared to women who gave birth vaginally, 70% of whom reported sexual dissatisfaction! Episiotomies can cause painful intercourse even 12-18 months after a woman gives birth, and assisted delivery (use of forceps or a vacuum) can cause painful intercourse, perineal pain, and delays in the resumption of sex. And don't even get me started on the after effects of watching childbirth on the male sexual psyche. According to Psychology Today, "For some men, a very intimate body part can become completely desexualized. Or they see someone they cherish dramatically sliced open. In either case, they can then associate their partners with a disturbing and gruesome scene."

There was even an entire New York Times article from a few years back where dudes talked about how freaked out they were watching their wives give birth. And so I ask you, kind Jezemoms and Dads: what happens to your sex life after you pop out a wee one? Please don't spare any gruesome details. We're big girls, we can take it.

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