In a week that has seen both wedge heels and skorts on the Milan men's runways, the 45-year-old daughter of Kazakhstan's president rails against metrosexuals. Dariga Nazarbayeva, a respected businesswoman and possible political heir, argues that that the world has become "increasingly effeminate" as the oil-rich nation's beauty industry booms. "Men are now paying more attention to themselves and fashion," she observed. "They have started going to beauty parlours and hair salons a lot more often. They have started doing manicure." Maybe something's lost in translation, but it's difficult to say whether there's a larger point to these philosophical musings. One thing's for sure: whatever her point, it's really, really unfortunate that the only thing any American's going to come away with is a mental image of Borat, "doing manicure." [The Times , The Independent]