Summer's here, and everyone wants to take a dip, even if, nowadays, you can't slip into a swimsuit without slathering on sunscreen and finding a way to cover up whatever body insecurity Vogue magazine helped you develop. But! Remember the days when bellies hung over swim-bottoms without care, SPF never went over 15 and suits were caked in sand, sparkles, and floaters from the baby pool? We do, and that is why we are making July's Past Fashion all about our childhood swimming costumes. We know what you may be thinking: kids in swimsuits? For all the world's pervs to see? Well, let's go back to a time when frolicking around in a tankini wasn't so sexualized. (Look, I did it! That's my brother and I above, looking like the quintessential O.C. beach bums that we were: neither of us have been blonder, browner, or more willing to appear in a photo in our swimsuits since.) Send your photos to by July 20. Please send the year the photo was taken and its location (we will not name you or show your face if you request). And after the jump, check out some inspiration I've provided.