A new study out shows that children whose mothers drink "to escape" think alcohol is a terrible smell. In a study of 145 children between 5 and 8, the 35 whose mothers were classified as "escape" drinkers liked the smell of pyridine (rotten eggs) and cigarette smoke better to that of beer. To be classified as escapist drinkers, their mothers had to cite 2 or more of the following reasons for drinking: "helps to relax, need when tense and nervous, helps to cheer up when in a bad mood, helps to forget worries, and helps to forget everything." Researchers also found that escape drinkers drink more than non-escape drinkers. Julie Mennella, one of the authors of the study, says, ""Our findings show that children are also processing the smell of alcohol with the emotional reasons their mothers, and perhaps fathers, drink." This is why I drink alone, people — there's no one to smell your sadness then. [Science Daily]