The economy may be in the crapper, but Americans know what's really important: Looking good! Science Daily reports that plastic surgery procedures will quadruple by the year 2015. They're predicting that cosmetic surgery will weather the current decline, and that in 7 years, 55 million surgeries will be performed annually. "While today's economy reflects a slow-down in plastic surgery procedures, the specialty will weather the current decline in economic growth just as it has previous declines, such as the stock market correction after the 2001 Internet bubble," says American Society Of Plastic Surgeons prez Dr. Richard D'Amico. "This prediction for 2015 is exciting." Definitely! Americans already spend $13.2 billion, more than the GDP of Bolivia, on cosmetic surgery, so quadrupling that number to $52.8 means more cash for doctors. Eh, you're thinking, I'm not shallow like that, I've got priorities. Guess what?

A new survey says that American women spend between $10,000 and $23,000 in their lifetime… on hair removal. Yes ladies, from puberty to death, we deal with getting rid of body hair — by shaving, waxing and creams — for about 53.6 years of our lives. We spend a cumulative amount of 58 days in our lifetime just removing hair. Maybe you're just not one of those women who feels comfortable having hairy pits. Or hairy legs. Or retrobush. But do you ever think about why? Is it same reason some women get plastic surgery? Because they want to be a "better" version of themselves, because they think Mother Nature somehow delivered a less than perfect product? And where did we get that idea?

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