The Oscars were a snooze. The MTV Movie Awards were a disgrace. The Bravo A-Lists were a farce. Thank God for the BETs. A great red carpet is made up of elegance, panache, star power and just a pinch of exhibitionism. And the BET Awards, held at LA's Shrine Auditorium last night, had it all, kids. Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Terrence Howard, Alicia Keys, Gabrielle Union, Jordin Sparks and more stars than there are in the heavens...all after the jump.

The Good:

A little Van Lear Rose, a little 50's prom, a lot fab. Rihanna's short hair keeps this from going too sweet.

Let's give Terrence Howard the benefit of the doubt and assume that cane's functional, shall we? Because the man looks seriously dapper.

Crystal Alkin's dress is gorge.

I gasped - I did! - when I saw Gabrielle Union's goddessy ensemble.

I'm a sucker for anything 70s-inflected, but even so, this kind of dress can be hard to pull off. I'd argue that BET host Danella does so, in spades.

Khaki suits can be so Men's Wearhouse. It's a pleasure to see it done right, as actor Boris Kodjoe does here.

I don't know how much longer this shape can tough it out, but Alicia Keys shows what it can do.

Maybe I get a vicarious thrill out of seeing people work lemon, since it makes me look like a plague victim. Trina's mini would be adorable in almost any bright, though.

Yeah it's kinda hiked up here, but Jordin Sparks' red number is a classic, classy choice.

The Bad:

From what I've observed, rapper MC Lyte is a pretty reliable red-carpet train-wreck. This is actually one of her better get-ups.

Given my fondness for jumpsuits, I almost gave Keri Hilson's lame iteration a pass. But the thing is, for a js to work there must be NO crotch-pulling. And the photographic evidence cannot be denied.

Ledisi's minidress is woefully unflattering. Nuff said, methinks.

Jennifer Hudson: I get the appeal of a structured dress. I do. But is it necessary for her to be strapped into armor on a weekly basis? It looks so uncomfortable - and doesn't seem to express any of the playfulness that makes her so appealing.

Solange Knowles has clearly inherited great genes, questionable taste.

I'll say this for Omarosa: the woman's consistent.

The Ugly:

If I could choose a superpower, I think it would be mind-reading, if only so I could go inside rapper Jacki O's head and try to figure out what she was thinking when she selected this ensemble.

Rapper Lil Mama: most frightening Strawberry Shortcake interpretation to come down the pipe yet!

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