Click to viewWow. You guys really outdid yourself with this month's prom edition of Past Fashion. Nearly a hundred of you submitted photo evidence of your various prom night horrors, and you did not disappoint. There were dozens of hues of pink, sparkles and sequins, and bushels of smooshed young breasts yearning to breathe free under ornate bodices. As can be expected, there were also many cheesy backdrops, goofy poses, awkward teenage boys, and even a few convention busters: a couple of the Jezebels were ballsy enough to go to the prom in drag! After the jump, check out our gallery of the end-of-the-school-year's most absurd, boozy spring evenings, with a little help from our face-obscuring friend Duckie (we've plastered the Duckster over some visages to protect the innocent be-mulleted from their past fashion train wrecks).

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