It seems hard to believe, but it's been almost two months since Jezebel Jen departed for the preppier shores of Ralph Lauren - I have yet to receive the pair of madras shorts I asked for, ahem - and we're finally ready to begin our search for her fashion-loving, expensive-shit hating, critically-astute, somewhat caustic replacement. That means: We're hiring! Interested applicants should send applications (with descriptions of background, qualifications, interests, ideas, etc.) via email to Do not include attachments - resumes/CVs can be appended to the bottom of the email. Not interested in or qualified for the fashion editor position? We're still interested in you - there may be more, other hires further down the line - so feel free to send your stuff along anyway. Note: Due to the large volume of emails we expect, we may not be able to respond to you as personally or quickly as we'd like, but do know that unless you receive a delivery message error, your email is safe and sound in our inbox.

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