I know what you're thinking - it's-a-friggin'-small-world-after-all this week! Well, that is, if the figurines were all drunk. And got dressed in the dark. In the most picked-over Salvation Army in the whole city. And then walked down a Munich red carpet at something called "DEV: Movie Meets Media" at "discotheque P1." So hideous were the accumulated fashions at the aforementioned event that I was forced to do the unthinkable: throw out all pre-existing categories and present you with an uncategorized melange of varying degrees of "bad". (There was no "good," kids.) Now, it would seem I'm woefully ignorant of German pop culture (and that three weeks of "Beginning Yiddish" at the Y do not a German Wikipedia-reader make) so I call upon any Deutch Jezzies out there to give us the dirt on these people...after the jump.

Least Bad:

Nicole Belstler. I think her skirt has airplanes on it.

Boxing champ Regina Halmich.

Marion Kiechle. It was at about this point that I abandoned the concept of "Good."

More Bad:

Designer Sonja Kiefer.

Charlotte Engelhardt.

Tina Kaiser.

Tamara Sedmak (mit boyfriend Norbert Dobbeleit, obvs.)

Isabell Edwardson.

Gitta Saxx.

Most Bad:

Verena Kehrt.

Anita Wepper (with hubby Elmar.)

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