Our own Hortense found a book called Charm: The Career Girl's Guide To Business And Personal Success. Inside: Priceless advice and delightful illustrations! Here are some gems: "Don't try to seem important. The other person's prime concern is his own importance. Your charm rating rises in proportion to your ability to lift his feelings of importance. Give him a good opinion of your heart and he'll automatically have a high opinion of your mind." (pg. 271) "If you can't say something favorable, keep your thoughts to yourself. Better yet, try to weed out those critical thoughts; they can't help but dull your charm." (pg. 271) "Be flexible. The girls who get to be private secretaries to top executives and famous personalities work under all conditions... Occasionally you may be asked to do shopping for your boss or a personal favor such as a duplicating job for his wife's club. Take on these chores agreeably. Part of the job is making life easier for your chief, even to the extent of obliging his wife." (pg. 308) Click the pic for more drawings and more "charm"-ing advice.

"Who's the girl with the daisy freshness? You, we hope. In the business world you're not only under obligation to do a good, conscientious piece of work, but part of the bargain is that you look decorative wile you're doing it. Companies often spend large sums of money to make their reception rooms and offices into glamorous settings, and they expect their employees to further the effect by always appearing perfectly and tastefully groomed. Of what worth are the potted philodendrons, the lavish drapes, and the modern furnishings if the customer is confronted with the sleepyhead who staggers in, featuring curlers and a kerchief, or the gumchewer in the grimy blouse with a button missing?" (pg. 137)

"The clever job applicant most certainly wears a hat—one that is fairly small and not too extreme in style. Although a hat is becoming less essential these days, particularly in warm weather, many personnel directors look to see if a prospective employee has the good business sense to wear one. The girl with a hat is sure to be rated a good notch above a hatless competitor, because she has made the extra effort to finish off her costume." (pg. 284)

"Allow the employer to lead the interview conversation as much as possible. Girls who talk too much, are too self-assertive, or who force their personality into the interview too strongly usually are ushered out rather fast." (pg. 289)

"Not only the big brass and the board of directors are concerned about employees making a good impression, but your own particular boss is also mighty interested. Your good grooming is evidence that he knows how to pick a smart girl—that he's a pretty clever fellow. He may be only third assistant to the purchasing agent, but if he can choose an attractive and charming Girl Friday who's efficient as well, his prestige has leaped several notches. Needless to say, when he can take pride in you the benefits are sure to bounce back your way." (pg. 137)

More advice:

"During your menstrual period it is more important than ever to guard your daintiness." (pg. 139)

"The surest way to a man's heart (good roast beef not withstanding) is through his ego. If you can inspire him or give him a higher vision of himself, you have presented him with the most marvelous gift any man could desire. The woman who can do this is always cherished and adored." (pg. 448)

"The most gratifying part of a quest for charm and beauty is that the more you work at it, the greater are the miracles that will be worked for you!" (pg. 468)