What would Judge Judy do? Well, apparently she's taken the millions upon millions of dollars she's made through her syndicated TV show to build an elaborate family compound in Connecticut that rivals most hotels. I would give my right arm to see it (please, please feature this place, MTV Cribs!). JJ's good pal Cindy Adams gives us the rundown on the digs in her column in today's NY Post:

The compound includes the guardhouse plus guest house, pool house, four-car garage, staff quarters, five acres of gardens with fountains, statues, benches, urns and a pond featuring enough koi or carp or flounder to feed the first seating at Le Bernardin…13 bathrooms with gold-plated fixtures, three floors, 24,000 square feet, eight bedrooms, including a "snoring room" off the 75-by-42 master suite (should Jerry get noisy), 10 hand-carved marble working fireplaces, 26-foot-high ceilings, [and] a conservatory.

Day-um! But wait, there's more!

Apparently, the kitchen area/family room the is the largest in the state of Connecticut, seating 40. (JJ and her husband Jerry have 5 children and 11 grandchildren.) There's also "a red plush fully equipped theater with 50 seats, candy concession stand and popcorn machine. At another end, a wine cellar" that Cindy says puts the Plaza to shame, not to mention "a heated pool and spa and massage room, a playroom with pool table, pingpong table, etc., and a large state-of-the-art gym. Also for Judy personally-who's size 2 and, even standing on her IRS forms, only 5-ish feet tall-an enormous custom tub hand-carved from Rosa Aurora stone in Portugal. Says Mark Mariani: 'I put in a small drain so we don't lose her.'"


Seriously, though, Judes deserves it. She slaved away in the family court system in NYC for years because she actually really cared about what happened to those children. (If you ever get the chance, you should watch the original 60 Minutes profile on her from 1993, before she had her TV show. We clipped it here.)

What was funny was that when I was looking for an image of JJ to go with this post, I went to our tag of WWJJD, and was cracking up alone on my couch looking at the series of faces she's making. I compiled them here in this post for your viewing enjoyment: