Joan Rivers was kicked off the set of the U.K. show Loose Women after calling Russell Crowe some naughty names on live television (she was unaware the show was filmed live). • Demand for "older" (over 25) models has grown with companies seeking to appeal to baby boomers. • A woman hangs herself after a three-year feud with a nasty neighbor. • A bunch of British celebrities we have never heard of had their pictures taken without make up and Photoshop. • Is anyone else a little bit shocked that Penelope Cruz wears somewhat cheap clothing on a movie set or have celebrity weeklies and fashion hype burned away my judgment? • Are single-issue politics moving Clinton supporters to Obama or is it the fact they are in the same fucking party with similar platforms to begin with? • BWE looks at the suburban hipster pastime of taking super ironic Glamour Shot photos. • Foreign airlines are prospering more than U.S. carriers because they don't compete with local carriers on their route. And they give you food! • Nancy Pelosi is super rich! • The Elian Gonzalez Legal Age Countdown Clock, this is kinda wrong, right?