Sometimes when I'm watching Intervention, the stories of the addicts are so sad that it makes a lot of sense that they turned to substance abuse to self-medicate. But the same doesn't hold true with last night's episode, featuring Chad, a professional bike racer turned homeless crackhead. He seems like he's been an asshole pretty much his whole life. He had violent outbursts since he was a kid, stemming from what seems like a severe case of middle-child syndrome and the product of a broken home; issues that plenty of people deal with all the time, without having to bottom out. Anyway, he spent some time in Juvie as a kid and then got his life together as a professional cyclist. Things started to go down the crapper when, at an Olympic training center, he got wise with Lance Armstrong. Lance had Chad thrown out of the facility and Chad subsequently lost his cycling contract. Anyway, watch this guy's 'tude in the clip above. It's pretty outrageous. In his defense, he did go to rehab, got cleaned up, and made really heartfelt amends to his family.