This is Antoinette Richardson. A young punk cut in front of her in line at a London supermarket, and Antoinette was so enraged that she called her thug boyfriend, Tony Virasami, to the market to regulate. What happened next is awful, but not surprising, when you consider that Tony is the kind of out of control person who would respond to a phone call just to vindicate a minor, perceived slight: he started beating the first person he saw, who turned out to be a completely innocent bystander. That bystander was Kevin Tripp, the father of a toddler who had suffered from an insidious form of chronic fatigue that he has battled for 20 years. Tripp hit his head after sustaining a couple of blows, and ended up dying from his injuries. "It's like road rage, isn't it, but in a supermarket? Someone with a short temper, and that's how it gets them," a bystander to the debacle told The Scotsman. [ Scotsman]