As it turns out, all those babes in bikinis you see at auto shows actually have a scientific purpose for being there! Science Daily reports that Stanford researchers exposed (heh) heterosexual men to erotic photos and found that immediately afterward, the men were consistently more likely to take bigger financial risks than they would otherwise. (As reported earlier this year, women are inspired to spend after smelling food.)

The interesting part is that since the scientists were using gambling in their study, erotic photos (which have nothing to do with gambling) are considered "irrelevant stimuli." Brian Knutson, assistant professor of psychology and lead author of the Stanford study, explains, "If you go to the casinos, people are wearing skimpy costumes, they're giving you free alcohol, there are bells and lights and things like that, which don't necessarily seem related to the odds of the gambling. But these are cues that might activate brain regions that encourage risk-taking and therefore get people to gamble more." So let's get this straight: Men subconsciously crave half-nekkid women, and women subconsciously crave brownies?


Irrelevant Image Of Attractive Woman Can Make A Man More Willing To Take Big Financial Risks [Science Daily]
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