Well here is a fucking mess. Girl, 16, gets pregnant. Girl tells boyfriend, boyfriend's mom finds out by snooping through his text messages, mom has big plans for her son, mom pressures girl to get an abortion, tells her not to tell her parents, forges the required parental notification letter and pays for everythign; girl gets abortion, girl for whatever reason notifies actual parents, girl and/or girl's parents get upset and go to authorities; mom is sentenced to a year in the DeKalb County Prison, the maximum sentence for a misdemeanor crime; I think I have counted like twenty different levels on which this is fucking depressing. I mean, from the girl's perspective, probably the only thing worse than thinking your mother's boyfriend doesn't think you're good enough for him โ€” and I'm assuming that's what she thought โ€” is entertaining the possibility that on top of all the general misery of teenage relationships you might have just killed someone, which also, this being Georgia, is probably what she thought. And then you're her parents. Maybe they're just litigious Evangelicals.

But you know, at the end of the day, they have a kid who had an abortion and I'm sorry, getting an abortion sucks. (I know some of you disagree, but whatever, I maintain it sucks.) And seeing your kid in pain sucks, especially over something like this, so you can see why they got pissed, even if they really shouldn't have dont any of this.


And then there's Cindi. Just trying to undo what would have been a disastrous situation for both kids, a little pushy, thinks she's doing everyone a favor. And now: mugshot all over the news, the target of all manner of righteous ire from the Jesus freak contingent, a year in jail.

But hey, every cloud has a silver lining and yes it is raining down on the Georgia therapist population.

Also: parental notification laws = suck.

Woman Pretended To Be Mom Of Girl Who Got Abortion, Say Officials [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]