Simon Doonan apologizes for an unfunny joke he made about Andre Leon Talley's turban at the CFDA Awards. Imagine how pissed ALT would have been if Simon commented on his floor-length velvet cape. • Developers say "The Audrey" a "kitchen computer for women" flopped because of the economy, but we think its failure had more to do with the fact that women don't need "lady computers." • International pop sensation George Michael announces his "final two" big concerts, and he might retire from touring all together! • Is there an ice cream connection between female pop stars and mental breakdowns? • OMG you guyzzz, Miley and Mandy finally released their comeback video to AC/DC dance crew! And it features all of the hit stars of the late '90s? • Sorry: HPV in the throat contracted through oral sex can cause throat cancer more easily than tobacco or alcohol. • A NY state rep pushes for foreign models to be reclassified to a different visa category for entertainers and athletes. • The girls at Fashion Meets Finance disappoint people with brains. Quick! Spot the SATC quote in the article! • Is your sweater turning you into a "sad and sorry sack"? This vintage ad promises to get you the boy's attention you so desperately, desperately crave (click on Andre to see full ad).


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