I happened upon this old episode of Politically Incorrect that originally aired in July 2001, in which the panel—Sandra Bernhard, Michael Moore, The War Against Boys author Christina Hoff Sommers, and actress Yancy Butler—discussed the evolution of the feminist movement. It's super interesting, because Bill Maher is talking (out of his butt) about how the new face of feminism is the unrealistic idea that women are ass-kickers. Hoff Sommers disagrees, saying that the new face of feminism being taught on college campuses is that women are victims and men are predators, and Michael Moore is surprisingly annoying in his assessment that men are evil and women are gentle, as though women aren't capable of blood lust and war. Whatever the case, my love for Sandra B. seems to grow in leaps and bounds whenever I watch her talk…or dance (that link is kinda NSFW). Clip above.

Politically Incorrect, Women/ Feminism-Part 1 [YouTube]
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