The Nominees' Luncheon for the Daytime Emmy Awards (held at "Charleston Restaurant" in LA) made it hard for me to adhere to my new, 'if you can't say anything nice' no-criticism policy. Because, as a woman with breasts (that is to say, a need-er of underwire), I hate to see them treated with disrespect, and many of the actresses who follow (and, with the exception of ANTM Eva Pigford, they're all actresses) were guilty of flagrant disregard for my feelings. Watch me wrestle with my conscience, after the jump.

The Good:

Passions' Hannia Guillen's grape-colored silk is pretty, no?

Days of Our Lives' Rachel Melvin's delicate shoes make this look; could have gone dowdy, looks sweet.


Eva was never my favorite ANTM (she mused) but she's working this simple sheath.


Loving Emily O'Brien's (The Young and the Restless) demure country-club look. I mean, it's a luncheon for the love of pete.

The Bad:


Days' Nadia Bjorlin: Breasts seem unhappy.

Nia Peeples (YATR): Breasts miserable.


Passions actress Mckenzie Westmore: Breasts framed in leather.

The Ugly:


YATR's Vail Bloom's inventive lace sleeves are confusing, displeasing to eye.

Diandra Newlin of Passions: booties, shiny sack.

Images by FilmMagic