A new abstinence magazine promotes archaic waiting-for-marriage message with glossy pages and tips on how to "keep your wardrobe and still be modest."• Booze-delivery company targets messy lady-lushes in newest "drunk women are gross" ad campaign. • HuffPo blogger blasts McCain for selling gear for the sport of the dilettante sons of the elite (or golf) yet mocking Obama for "eating arugual" [sic, assuming she means arugula]. • Laura Bush defends Michelle Obama by saying her so-called "anti-American" comments were misinterpreted. • With gay marriage approval in CA, a new energy was injected into the Gay Pride Parade in West Hollywood. • Indian swingers use the internet to find new partners in a judge-free (yet virtual) environment. • A woman deliberately abandons son in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Friday before being picked up by authorities and taken in for a medical examination. • Is buying "investment" clothing really more ethical than buying cheap throw-away fashion? • A 70-year-old mom of a toddler is happy with her life as a mother, despite what her critics say about her lifestyle choice. • NPR essayist's daughter watches ANTM for the artistic inspiration. Tyra: helping young girls, as always.