Although we were so very heartened to see Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley take the evil fashion industry to task for perpetuating unrealistic body ideals on the Today show, we admit we were skeptical! Just how was this new focus on health going to manifest itself in the pages of her theretofore anorex-positive magazine, hmmm? Now we know! Just in time to celebrate the Genocide Olympics, the July Teen Vogue is celebrating female athleticism in a 12-page fashion spread. (This is in stark contrast to its big sister Vogue, which only last month ran an entire "body issue" celebrating male athleticism by pairing male athletes with female…supermodels.) Such independence and spunk, that Teen Vogue! Catch the mag's take on fencing, beach volleyball, ping-pong, and leaning against a balance beam looking vaguely malnourished in a Berhard Willhelm cape and vintage Indian headdress,after the jump. See girls, you can be "athletic" without sacrificing your ACL.or your BMI.

No we can't tell you the price of Sigrid's Just Cavalli jacket. If you have to ask you probably think sprinting in a snakeskin motorcycle jacket and bangle bracelets is a good idea but it will probably only make you die from dehydration and Teen Vogue likes to look out for its readers.

This is ping-pong, "their way." The Etro scarf and Leekan necklace are unpriced and we'd say they're pretty optional anyway, but those yellow Louise Goldin goggles are obviously an imperative so why can't we get a price on that? In other news, that cuff is $439.

Perhaps you always thought beach volleyball players, so ripped and bronze and well-adjusted, exemplified some sort of platonic sportsgirl ideal…

But you would be forgetting the critical necessity of a $225 metallic swimsuit so high-cut you can't wear it without matching booty shorts!

And finally, fencing. Who knew donning puffy white astronaut garb and swordfighting with nerds could be sexy?

Why…Veronique Leroy! Who obviously designed these platform shoes — no we can't tell you the price — with your epee in mind.

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