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Meet James Sedlak. He's an asshole. He's also the Vice President of the Virginia-based American Life League who has accused Planned Parenthood of distributing pornography to children because they handed out sex ed materials. This week, though, he's taking credit for something even worse. Planned Parenthood is about to build a new regional headquarters in Sarasota and the city wanted them to build some other buildings on the edge of the property. Rather than selling the land to a developer, they were going to "sell" it to Habitat for Humanity Sarasota for $10 to allow Habitat to build affordable housing on it. Once Sedlak got word of it, he blasted emails and newsletters out to the fundie universe condemning Habitat for helping Planned Parenthood to "build a new killing center" and "open an abortuary." Under pressure by donors, Habitat withdrew from the deal, so Planned Parenthood is going to sell to a developer, Sarasota isn't going to get the affordable housing, and women like us won't be able to get their contraception, reproductive health services, education or perfectly legal and safe first-trimester abortions, the latter of which is the only thing people like Jim-Bob care about anyway. Way to make me proud to be an upstate New Yorker, asswipe. [American Life League, Sarasota Herald Tribune, STOPP International]