Late last night, mere hours after I posted a little thing about how a certain "Comedy" Central blogger called us "vaginas" instead of women, writers or Lesbian Feminazi Bonerkillers (and after one of my friends bet me $5 we would get a frantic email from him), we received an email from the purported author of the piece, "Cubby Chaser," aka Dennis. He thanked us for the traffic, but wanted us to know that despite his byline on the piece, it was actually written by another writer — and that said author of the piece was a woman. He then linked us to his "apology", in which he refers to the woman who wrote the piece as "a vagina," said that it was a bad joke in poor taste but it was our fault for not getting it. Naturally, he saw nothing funny in my piece or your comments, though I'm sure he found the comment "people need to lighten up and get the sand out of their vaginas" fucking hilarious, but I don't find it funny because I obviously don't understand satire or hyperbole or that when a woman calls other women vaginas, that makes it okay. Dennis ends with a defense of his sex life, letting me know he only sleeps with woman who have a sense of humor. Dennis, I've now seen pictures of you. I have to agree on that last bit. ["Comedy" Central]