Earlier today, Tracie posted a clip of Barbara Walters talking about Hillary's butt and why, given her body type, she should (and happens to) wear pants. Not only were the comments wrong about what would or would not be most flattering on Hillary (Moe and I are, I believe, on record as stating that Hillary would look nice in a skirt suit or two), it was also not really a nice (or accurate) thing to say. According to the writers at Comedy Central, pointing that out makes us "vaginas." Ha-ha-fucking-ha. Join me in my rage after the jump.

What. The. Fuck. So, like, we're just a bunch of talking, writing, typing, drinking, ass-kicking vaginas? We're not even the sum of our parts, we just get to be one? For a "comedy" writer, you sure as hell aren't even a little funny, let alone original. I guess that's why your ass is writing for the blog and not for, you know, one of the actual shows that Comedy Central airs.

And, hey, let's not even get started on what I shall generously call the "content" of your post. Wow, it's so creative and original of you to comment that Hillary's got a big butt in, like, 5 completely different ways! Including "lard ass," which, frankly, I'm sure you know plenty about since you spend your day sitting on one of your own, trying not to crush your tiny, tiny penis and floppity testicles between your hairy, sweaty lardy thighs while shifting positions to scratch said sweaty lard ass. Did you reach down during one of those momentous scratching sessions and pull out this little dingleberry just for your readers? How sweet, and equally rank.

Dude, go fuck yourself because none of these vaginas (or, we assume, plenty of others out there) will be fucking you any time soon.

How Barbara Walters Saved America From Hillary Clinton's Thunder Thighs ["Comedy" Central]