If you're at all in the public eye, it seems like you just can't win when it comes to weight, no matter what your gender is. Size acceptance blog Big Fat Deal calls out a Ricky Gervais interview, wherein he describes his undoing at the hands of the British Tabloids. "I never knew I was fat until I got famous… Then I suddenly realised I was overweight. The papers can't simply put 'comedian Ricky Gervais.' They have to put 'rotund comedian' or 'chubby fatster,'" the Office star said. "The other day, I was trying to keep fit by going jogging with my iPod, and the paparazzi leapt out a bush and got me. The headline the next day? 'iPodge.' What can you do?" And Gervais isn't the only Brit of late subjected to this sort of talk. Jodie Prenger, a woman who just won the reality TV competition I'd Do Anything (the prize is the plum role of Nancy in a West End production of the musical Oliver!), has been raked over the coals for being "too fat" for the part.

British tabloids reported that one of I'd Do Anything's judges, producer Cameron Mackintosh, thought Jodie was,"a bit too big and has more or less said so." These people are ostensibly getting fame for their singing ability (Prenger) and their comedic strength (Gervais). Is anyone allowed to have their image televised these days without it getting ripped to shreds?

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