Great news, gender! The recession is upon us, and investment bankers are being forced to lower their standards! Admission into the ranks of women they will fuck is no longer being exclusively limited to models! For a limited time only, any women in the fashion industry can be screened for (heh) interest. This momentous expansion of the pussy supply is being launched by an outfit called PocketChange NYC, whose charming slogan you will find after the jump, and it kicks off tonight at a bar called Taj. Apply now, because the guest list is already buzzing with potential M&A activity. Will Goldman buy Marc Jacobs? Can Versace find synergy with Credit Suisse? Can Tracie and I pull a Jerome Kerviel and get in on the action undetected? I'm still waiting to hear if I make the cut. (If I puke now, my gag reflexes will be perfectly primed!) (And to think I was just bemoaning the dearth of eligible men in this town!)

But most importantly, how low do housing prices have to sink before these guys start mixing with, god forbid, female lawyers? And who will they hit up if it truly is the next Depression? Teach for America? God I love this country.

Fashion Meets Finance